About Me

My name is Ahmad Amiruddin my friends called me Amma’ or Ahmad. I was born on July 1979 in Kampong Kadidi, Sidrap, South Sulawesi Indonesia. I am an engineer, a blogger, a manchester united fan and a father of a son and two daughters.

I graduated from University of Hasanuddin in 2003 majoring in electrical engineering. From June 2004 to March 2007, I worked at PT LG Philips Displays Indonesia as Technical Engineer and Supervisor. My responsibilities were controlling the quality of the products by analysing and improving the electrical characteristics of Cathode Ray Tube (our product). Working in LG Philips was a very tough and hard experience in my life.

After spending almost three years in LG, I got another opportunity to work at PT Schneider Electric Indonesia as Product Quality Engineer of manufacturing of Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB). It was only 3 months I worked in Schneider before I moved to another company.

On July 2007, I started working for PT Siemens Indonesia as a site manager. My responsibilities was managing the site of the SCADA project in Distribution Control Center (DCC) Jakarta. Sometimes I was also acting as a SCADA Engineer. I resigned from Siemens on December 2009. Siemens was a very wonderful and amazing working place. However, I have another dream which I would like to pursue, I want to study abroad.

In 2009, I started worked for the Ministry Of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM) which regulates electricity business in Indonesia. Then in 2013, I got a chance to make my dream comes true. I got a scholarship from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemkominfo) of Republic of Indonesia to continue my study in Master Degree in the one of best 20 universities in the world, the University of Edinburgh, UK. My programs was MSc in Sustainable Energy System. I have finished my study on September 2014.

Tens of my articles has been published on Directorate of General of Electricity Magazine, and several also been published on Detik.com.

In this blog, I wrote many things about my experiences in my life. I hope it would give a deeper insight and a broader horizon for all the readers, and the most important thing is I dont forget what I have done.

email : ahmad.amiruddin[at]gmail[dot]com

24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello my riend,
    nice to find your blog.
    would you pls help me to make blog like yours?
    how to put banner in your blog?


  2. Salam kenal,
    Kebetulan sy lagi di edinburg. Liat2 blog, ketemu blog anda dan dr nama blognya saya menebak dr bugis. Dan benar :-). Salam kenal, saya dr majene sulbar.


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  4. Asalamualaikum.. salam kenal Daeng, ini dengan Sherlie, reading the blog remind me again dulu di 2005 aku masih semangat2 nge-blog bisa ampe 5-10 post sebulan and then I was writing about “something” trus ada yg jeles, nge print blog saya dan mengirimkannya anonim ke ” something” tersebut yang menyebabkan saya harus klarifisikasi and it makes me quit writing… 😦 pengen punya semangat lgi buat blogging.. anyway salam kenal dari Padang, Sumbar Indonesia (it took me 3 days to type this sentence, this blog of yours keep hanging on my browser)


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